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Posts made in June, 2011

Is There A Coffee Drinking Pathology?

Addiction is a beast, I am told.  Perhaps I am addicted to coffee - I have given it up on occasion for a few months, like I have meat, pastas and breads, but never quit like people quit smoking or heroin.  If it's my only vice, and it would seem to be, that is likely not so bad.Pathology is something else.   Some people say addiction is a disease, as in people who pathologically...

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Can Science 2.0 Help Bridge The Gap Between Climate Science And The Public?

Writing at the Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang blog,  Jason Samenow advocates an idea he recently saw pitched by atmospheric scientist Alan Betts, namely that science studies be accompanied by layperson explanations.read...

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Don’t Have Sex With People From The Future

If Hollywood movies are your science guide, outer space is populated primarily by hot vampire girl aliens and time travel is not only possible, but chicks will dig you more, the same way women today would like a man in a powdered wig and no bath for three days if he suddenly appeared from 1811.(1)Science hates to be a buzzkill but often must - having sex with someone from the future might shorten...

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Do Any Science Publishers Care About Scientists?

When is a multi-million dollar business that charges money before a science article can be seen by the public superior to another multi-million dollar business that charges money before a science article can be seen by the public? Apparently only if they claim to be non-profit.Scientists are not business people so it is easy to understand why anyone would confuse non-profit status with...

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Should Greenpeace Be Writing IPCC Reports?

For climate scientists to make positive inroads in policy regarding a problem we know is only going to get worse - pollution and climate change - they need to police the actions of a few in their circle, most notably the very loud.The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has existed for over two decades now - they are not new to politics and this is not gotcha journalism from...

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