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Posts made in November, 2011

AOK Teams Up With The Bully Project

It's no secret I love Acts of Kindness - a friend of mine first told me about it because he is an investor and I agreed the concept is terrific; encourage people to do more Acts of Kindness by having them log it. I was in LA a short while ago and met with one of the co-founders and their enthusiasm is contagious (see Acts Of Kindness, Eddie Money And Karma for the story on...

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Bertrand Russell’s Teapot: The Ghost Of Woo Reasoning Has Wisdom

Maki at  Sci-ənce! bringeth the wisdom about the logical fallacy used by anti-science hippies to rationalize why, if we can't prove something unproven doesn't work, maybe it works, like curing shingles with acupuncture. Sure, scientists who mostly care about politics also engage in logical funkiness, like how Evil Republicans hate science so much they boosted funding but it doesn't...

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Google Exits Alternative Energy (And Other Dodgy Ideas)

Google is doing some spring cleaning and booted seven projects that were outside what they regard as their core business, the most high-profile of which was its attempt to make solar energy cheaper than coal. read...

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Science Funding Gets A Boost

Confirmation bias prevents academia from giving Republicans a fair shake (global warming deniers!) but more objective people will scratch their heads wondering how a majority party that supposedly dislikes science drafts spending bills that increase funding for the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the National Institute of...

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The Myth Of A ‘Green Energy Race’

We keep being told how vital it is for us to stay competitive in the 'green energy race' - Energy Secretary Steven Chu reiterated it again in his Congressional hearing last week.But a race for what? China heavily subsidizes ridiculously inefficient solar cells so heavily subsidized American companies can afford to buy them - but nobody really wants the product. It doesn't...

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