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California’s War On Rights: No Tanning But Kids Allowed Own Consent For Medical Care

Does the California government want to be your parent?  Or is just another incursion into common sense by anti-science hippies?  Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed legislation banning the use of tanning beds by minors but then signed a law giving pre-teens the power of consent for medical care involving the prevention of sexually transmitted disease. Kids can consent to visiting a doctor about STDs but not to get a tan?

It’s basically removing the power to vaccinate a child (for HPV only – we don’t want to enrage Hollywood actors or the Lt. Governor, who believe regular vaccines are bad for kids) from parents, a de facto subsidy for pharmaceutical companies.

The HPV vaccine is controversial because the actual evidence basis is still slight – Brown seems to be picking and choosing which science he accepts based on…what?  No one knows. He just knows tanning beds are more harmful than letting children get medical treatment without parental knowledge.  Most parents probably disagree but they don’t know what to do; the 7 liberals, 4 conservatives and 1 libertarian in California are steamrolled by kooky progressives like Brown and his fad science acceptance.


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