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Posts made in July, 2012

MakerBot Brings Back The Mix Tape For The 21st Century

The downside to an MP3 culture is that its pretty solitary. If I want to make a mix for the wife, I have to buy an .mp3 player and just give it to her - or I have to go retro and burn a CD. It's better than the 1990s, when people made cassette mix tapes - but they certainly showed you care. It was no trivial thing.  You can bet if I told my wife today I made a mix tape for another woman, she...

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Vegetarian Diet Dooms Olympians

Chinese athletes had been warned by the country's Sports Ministry to avoid meat because it may contain clenbuterol, banned by the International Olympic Committee as a performance-enhancing substance.  China bans clenbuterol because of the chemical's noxious long-term effects on human health.  The World Anti-Doping Agency issued a warning last year about clenbuterol-tainted meat in...

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Ted Deutch And The Goofy Cancer Free Label Act

Can you be sure no one will get cancer if they only use cancer-free products?Of course not, but anti-science kooks don't understand how cancer risk factors work and so Rep. Ted Deutch (D-Fla.) has proposed H.R. 6191, which would allow companies to apply to the government to allow their products to bear a "cancer-free" label. . It says approved labels would state, "This product does...

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Ecopsychology – For People Who Think Social Psychology Is Too Credible

If only there were a field that examines the spiritual, therapeutic and psychological aspects of human-nature relationships, I'd abandon my graduate studies in Theoretical Phys Ed and embrace this new discipline instead.Luckily, there is. For those of you dumb enough to have spent $80,000 for a two-year program in Environmental Journalism at Columbia but now can't (they closed it - even unlimited...

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Debunking The ‘America Does Not Invest Enough In Science’ Myth

Fareed Zakaria of CNN writes the Global Public Square column and expressed concern recently that America was losing ground in science because of research funding and education.   read...

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