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Posts made in May, 2013

U.S. Senate Rejects GMO Labeling Amendment

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders knows that the The Food and Drug Administration will not require any special label on foods just because a competitor seeks to market its product differently.And marketing is the only distinction between organic food and traditional food. It's a process and they don't require regular meat to have a big NON-KOSHER label on it either. Kosher food just puts a 'kosher'...

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Is Everything You Eat A Drug?

Did you ever have breast milk or spinach? You might as well start shooting up heroin.If dihydrogen monoxide doesn't scare you enough, food activists have been rehashing an old term - opiates.  read...

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If the ‘Nordic Model is about openness and tolerance, why all the riots?

If you talk to people in the north countries, they are more economically and socially egalitarian than…well…everyone. ┬áThat Sweden mandates how many women must sit on the Boards of companies is a sign of diversity, they claim, whereas everyone else notes that if you have to mandate it, it isn’t actually diversity. And they have 1.5 years of maternity leave! And terrific...

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Women Have 40% More Mental Health Issues, But The Gender Gap Will Soon Disappear

Dr. Daniel Freeman, professor of clinical psychology at Oxford, has good news if you believe women are more nuts than men: there is a 40% chance you are right.We know that discussing biological differences between men and women is taboo - men and women are no different in any physical way, as former Harvard President Larry Summers will rush to agree these days. But what about in psychological...

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Kentucky Windage, For Science: Using Black Holes To Measure The Universe’s Rate Of Expansion

Calibration does not always mean fixing a device, it sometimes means adjusting to solve a problem.  In the early years of America, the famous Kentucky longrifles that conquered the frontier (and some British) had fixed sights. Since they couldn't be adjusted, frontiersmen - Kentucky was part of "The West" then - would adjust for wind, elevation and range by experience.  If their shot...

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