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Posts made in June, 2013

One True Pairing – A Paleontology Comic

OTP is slang for One True Pairing, meaning your favorite combination of characters in a fandom.Sci-ence.org does cool art about science and under the OTP heading they used a neat story about a mammal forerunner and an amphibian that lived (and died) together in an African burrow 250 million years...

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Is The Voynich Manuscript Not Gibberish?

The Voynich manuscript has delighted conspiracy theorists and researchers since book dealer Wilfred Voynich found it in an Italian monastery in 1912. Its illustrations of naked nymphs, unidentifiable plants, astrological diagrams and pages and pages of text in an unidentified alphabet is considered gibberish, part of a Renaissance hoax to bilk rich, dumb people out of some money, by most, but an...

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Eco-Terrorists Destroy Beet Farm In Oregon

 In what the FBI called “economic sabotage”, genetically modified 6,000 sugar beets from two fields in Southern Oregon’s Jackson County were destroyed this month.Such modern hysteria makes the quaint clueless charm of the hipsters portrayed in "Portlandia" seem like a hundred years ago. At least in some counties these people are militant now.  The FBI isn't disclosing how the...

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How To Murder Someone Organically

Want to off someone but you are ethically against using anything made by Monsanto? read...

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Galileo’s Finger: The Ten Great Ideas of Science

Modern science may seem slow and incremental but, as has always happened, small steps lead to awkward leaps and bounds - and revolutions.  It's why we make goat noises at people who claim their bachelor's degree in engineering has led them to come up with a Theory of Everything.  You have to know a lot before you can even know what is missing, much less how to fill the...

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