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Posts made in April, 2014

Postmodernism Is Dead – Is Psychology Next?

Almost two decades ago, the Sokal affair occurred. A physicist tired of philosophical pseudoscientific gibberish and set out to write a paper of barely comprehensible jargon and get it in a peer-reviewed journal. It dutifully espoused philosophy as superior to science and then used science terminology for legitimacy. It was, in short, the perfect example of what was wrong.Paul Feyerabend is dead...

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The Wacky Wonderful World Of Alicia Silverstone Science

I can be lazy. I was famous for it as a child. I didn't bother to walk, I didn't bother to talk. When I got older, if I had to do a chore, I found a way to be a screw-up and break something. I had unlimited time for D&D and art and sports, though, and I did well enough in school to get a scholarship to college. Because those things weren't work.If only I had Alicia Silverstone as a mom, who...

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Like Cartography? Thank A Pirate

What was the line between being a Buccaneer and a Pirate?It was fuzzy, but it mostly seemed to involve having a royal charter from some seafaring nation or other, and an agreement not to sack their ships - everyone else was fair game.But just like modern online video technology was spurred by porn and our efforts to improve online privacy have been spurred by the Obama administration, in order to...

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Raw Milk Is Not A Libertarian Issue – And Republicans Should Not Make It A GOP One

In American politics there is a comfortable d├ętente about which science craziness to allow under the big tents - Republicans are okay if their members won't accept evidence of climate science or evolution while Democrats are fine if their voters don't accept the science behind food, energy and medicine.  read...

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E-Cigarettes: A Win for Public Health?

Smoking cigarettes is bad because of, you know, smoke. Right?So why are e-cigarettes, which are not smoking, facing the kind of social authoritarian ban hammer usually reserved for Happy Meals and golf and Big Gulps while those same people are gushing all over marijuana, which is smoking?After all, it's not third-hand cigarettes epidemiological woo that is the latest front in the health war, it...

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