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Posts made in June, 2014

How To Break The Keystone XL Blockade: Stop Requiring Presidential Approval

Numerous times in the last few years, scientists have concluded that the Keystone XL project was not creating environment harm, despite the claims of environmentalists.  In the affected area, there are already 20,000 miles of pipeline so adding a few hundred more is not putting the ecology in peril.Yet the president has consistently blocked approval, choosing environmentalists over union...

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Supreme Court And EPA Emissions – Sometimes You Don’t Want Them On Your Side

The Obama administration is in something of a pickle. The EPA does not report to the public and so the Obama administration had directed them to implement strict new regulations on American energy companies. Why? America is actually doing quite well when it comes to emissions and energy has led the way. CO2 emissions from energy are back to early 1990s levels and coal, the dirtiest energy source,...

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Activists Declare The Science Settled – Neonicotinoids Are Killing Bees

Want to scare people about a pesticide? Compare it to DDT. 40+ years after it was banned in a bit of scientization of politics, people have still heard of it. DDT may be the only pesticide many people have ever heard of. Environmental groups love to invoke it for that reason.But if you are a fan of science, when you see a DDT comparison, you know evidence has left the building. DDT, when...

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Gilles-Eric Seralini Pays Springer To Publish His Retracted GMO-Rat Study

Gilles-Eric Séralini, who had already been known as an anti-GMO/anti-pesticide zealot (GMOs Are A Pesticide Sponge And Other Weird Tales Of Gilles-Eric Seralini), shot to worldwide fame among the anti-science crowd when he published a paper showing bloated rats with giant tumors. All due to GMOs, he...

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Costco – We Are Going To Teach The Controversy

When someone has a religious belief that want taught that is in defiance of science, they often say they do not want to replace science with their religion, they want to 'teach the controversy' about what science does not know and how belief can fill the gaps.I am talking about food worship, of course, and the naturalistic fallacy that insists food was superior 20 years ago, or 40 years ago....

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