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Posts made in December, 2014

2014 Retrospective: In Defense Of Treble, It’s Not Really All About That Bass

In a popular pop music song called "All About That Bass", accomplished songwriter Meghan Trainor took center stage in a video and America by storm.With an engaging 1940s sound (1) and a positive body image message, it was quickly embraced.Well, positive body image unless you were under a size 12, in which case you were one of the "skinny bitches", but that is not what this article is about. Fat...

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Top Organic Marketing Trustees Resign Because A Member Ridicules Homeopathy

Psychics, homeopaths, magic soap buyers, anti-vaccine and anti-energy people, they all share one thing in common - no, no, not the same political party (good guess, though!), they embrace organic food.And if you don't also embrace their giant swath of superstitious crackpottery, they might depart in a huff. read...

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When It Comes To Neonics, Activists Understand PR Better Than Chemical Companies Do

Imagine a scenario where a group of people get together to frame the debate about science and even set out to conspiratorially place papers in highly-respected journals, selecting the ideal names to have on the paper and which publications would be most likely to publish it.It must be those evil corporate chemical shills again, right?Not this time, it was the International Workshop On...

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