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Posts made in November, 2018

Jennifer Doudna, Co-Inventor Of CRISPR, Tells People To Calm Down About Gene Edited Babies

Though vitriol and outrage are common in western culture in 2018, when it comes to claims that a researcher in China used CRISPR technology to edit a human embryo, bloggers, journalists and scientists on social media have taken it to another level.Without even reading the paper. Because there isn't one. Nor is there any data.It's just some guy claiming he did it, not once but twice. And...

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With CRISPR, Let’s Not Make The Cultural Mistakes Of Stem Cells All Over Again

When Dr. He Jiankui announced that he had used CRISPR to prevent future HIV infection in twin girls, there was outrage across the United States, but most of it had nothing to do with science. It was instead concern that a mad scientist with suspect ethics had used a new technology to edit human embryos, and if that remains unchecked Frankenhumans could be born. It may be 2018 but it...

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How Anti-Science Activists Manipulate Twitter – And How You Can Help Science Fight Back

There is a reason that environmental groups and other anti-science activists out-earn the pro-science non-profit world by 1000X, and that reason is emotion.See a scientist be emotional or aggressive in defending their work and any number of people, including other scientists, will chide them and say that is not how scientists are supposed to act. Meanwhile, the trial lawyers who run environmental...

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Opening The Refrigerator Door Is Not Making Your Milk Spoil Quicker

Two weeks after people were sickened by E. coli on romaine lettuce, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control told the entire country to throw theirs out, which alarmed people for little reason and cost farmers hundreds of millions of dollars. People shouldn't have been alarmed because most people would have thrown it out anyway. Up to 94 percent of people throw out lots.And that's not as alarming as...

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How To Reduce Gadolinium Heavy Metal Contrast Agent In MRI Using AI

In 2017, action star Chuck Norris and his wife Gena sued 11 companies for $10 million over gadolinium used in her MRIs, stating she was poisoned by the contrast agent.read more

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