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Posts made in February, 2019

The Good News And Bad News Of Cannabis-Infused Drinks

Former Denver Broncos running back Terrell Davis, who trained by running with tractor tires strapped to his waist and all that, has an easy marketing hook for his new cannabis 'athletic recovery' drink; if I am wrong, then why do I have two Super Bowl rings and a spot in the NFL Hall of Fame?(1) It sounds ridiculous when it's so on-the-nose, but that kind of strategy is common because it...

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Kids Running Lemonade Stands Understand The U-Shaped Curve Isn’t Real, Why Don’t Environmentalists?

Friends of the Earth, the kooky offshoot of Sierra Club that hates science even more, is dumping its advertising budget into a claim it commissioned from a Maharishi Institute scholar who runs what is apparently an uncredentialed lab claiming they were able to detect a weedkiller in common food. And journalists have repeated it everywhere.Any scientist could have told them that and saved their...

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“Ultra-Processed” Food Is Not Killing People In France – Too Many Calories Are

A recent paper in JAMA Internal Medicine had all of the ingredients mainstream media love in food stories; a cosmic sounding number of participants (44,551), which sounds like it adds statistical power, and a provocative conclusion about the perils of the modern world - in this case that eating "ultra-processed food" is lowering life expectancy.read...

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Oxytocin And Vasopressin – An Experiment Tackles The Chemistry Of Love And Altruism

Love is a complex topic. You love your dog differently than you love chocolate. There are times when you might put your dog, or a loved one, ahead of yourself, but you would never jump in front of a moving car to save chocolate.read more

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After 25 Years Of Chaos, FDA Signals For Reform When It Comes To Supplement Oversight

United States Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., has been in the private sector and in government, he has been care provider and patient, he has used supplements and watched as a $40 billion supplements industry duped the gullible and often engaged in outright deception, all using an exemption granted by the U.S. government.But a recent statement by him, coupled with...

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