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Posts made in April, 2019

Urban Exposome: The Modern World Has Great Air Quality But You’d Never Know It Reading Environmental Health Perspectives

Poor people live in areas with more pollution, but pollution is relative in 2019.read more

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Earth Day Tequila: Toxic Carcinogen Maker Casa Herradura Is The Way To Go

Environmentalists may hate science but they love to ignore inconvenient truths about alcohol - namely that it is a toxic carcinogen the way they wish BPA, atrazine, fracking, vaccines (insert whatever they are raising money on this week) could be.read...

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Farmstand: A Celebrity-Backed Bong The Size Of A Phone Booth That Grows Superfoods For Rich Elites

Zooey Deschanel, whose picture could be in the dictionary under "adorkable" thanks to starring roles in "Elf" and "New Girl", isn't well regarded in science, and hasn't been since for as long as she's been undermining it, which is as long as people have known her name. That's now a long time, since "Almost Famous" is about to turn 20.read...

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Vitamin C May Protect Cells From Hexavalent Chromium? No, But You’re Safe From It Anyway

In the movie "Erin Brockovich", actress Julia Roberts portrayed a clerk who got energy company PG&E worried enough about a jury being scared of science they wrote her boss a giant check. Because Hollywood is in California, the state government was motivated to declare the compound harmful and put in tighter restrictions.The concern from the science community was that no one was being harmed....

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Bayer Releases All Glyphosate Safety Studies Used By European Food Safety Authority

Every regulatory body in the world has found that the weedkiller glyphosate is only harmful for plants. And huge studies of over 50,000 farmers have found the same.read...

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