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Posts made in November, 2019

Standards Of Identity, And Fighting Confusing Food Labels – Some Hope FDA Might Still Be On The Case

if we're ever going to know if marijuana does anything important, we need reference-grade marijuana for scholars to study. NIST has reference-grade peanut butter so it makes sense that with so many marijuana claims (and obvious harm when mixed with chemicals to use in vaping devices, as recent hospitalizations and deaths showed) to separate hype and woo from science there needs to be a way to...

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Apollo 11 May Have Been First On The Moon But Apollo 12, 50 Years Ago Today, Was Funniest

On November 19th, 1969, Apollo 12 landed on the moon, but most people from the era don't remember much about it. Apollo 11, sure, a giant leap for all mankind, and Apollo 13 was the most successful failure NASA ever had, it got a movie made about it, but that leaves Apollo 12 a memory.And that's too bad. Because they were the funniest Apollo crew, according to this NPR spot.read...

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The Detox Project Hopes To Get Rich On Deception The Way Non-GMO Project Has

Want your food to contain a toxic chemical, as long as it's been given a wink-wink approval by industry lobbyists, trade groups, and manufacturers?Of course not, yet that is exactly what you get when you buy Organic food. Inside USDA, the Organic industry has carved out a special niche for itself and it knights 80 groups that can sell organic certified stickers, allowing them to simultaneously...

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Africans Don’t Want To Give Away Their Data To Western Scientists For Free – They’re Not Wrong

Wealthy western academics working at billion dollar institutions funded by trillion dollar governments are frustrated that African countries don't want to give away their climate data.They're not wrong for wanting a piece of the pie, especially from Europeans. Europeans often take data from Africa and use it for colonial purposes, like keeping Africa reliant on European goods by scaring people...

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Nature’s Rx: Recalls Silver Bullet 10 Male Enhancement Capsules Because They Contain Actual Medicine

Most supplements that tout how much better they are than medicine but are "natural" and therefore superior, are selling to the P.T. Barnum audience - if you are willing to part with your money to believe in magic, someone will be willing to take it. Most often, if they work, it's because you have been gifted with the placebo effect or they contain actual medicine. Nature’s Rx Silver Bullet...

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