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Posts made in May, 2020

Coronavirus Has Caused Democrats To Move Back Toward Trust In Science

A year ago, and for this entire century, the nexus of anti-vaccine beliefs and other denial of science has been Democratic states. While places like Mississippi and Alabama had vaccine rates near 100 percent, an infectious disease crisis that began on the west coast forced politicians in California, where kids without vaccines totaled more than the other 49 states combined, to shuck off their...

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Extinction: Maybe Cro-Magnon Wiped Out Neanderthals After All

Why is Homo neanderthalensis gone while Homo sapiens have bent the world to our will? In recent years, there has been speculation that climate change wiped out Neanderthal people, or interbreeding with us, since many of us have DNA shared by Neanderthals (we also share 60 percent of our DNA with a banana) but a new paper affirms the earliest belief about survival of the fitter, commonly...

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In April, The World Economy Dropped 6%, Emissions Dropped 17% – That First Number Is Most Important

A U.N. report last year estimated that emissions needed to drop by nearly 3 percent per year to keep warming below 2 degrees Celsius. If that model is accurate, temperatures will start plummeting because in April alone emissions dropped 17 percent.read...

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KORE ORGANIC Watermelon CBD Oil Tincture – Now With More Lead!

One of the biggest hoaxes of the coronavirus period has been tinctures, such as those promoted by CNN journalist Chris Cuomo and his wife on her website. They don't do anything, but like most naturopathy they let you feel like you are doing something while you wait.read more

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The Army Corps Of Engineers Wanted To Prevent Hurricane Katrina Devastation, Environmentalists Sued, Now They ‘re Doing It Again

Conservation groups have frequently sued the U.S Army Corps of Engineers claiming that government scientists do not "properly" evaluate the environmental impacts of its plans to mitigate flood risk.read more

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