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Posts made in June, 2020

Coronavirus Has Shown Alternative Energy Is Luxury Spending, Not Part Of A Realistic Strategy

If you know the government is going to subsidize your business, you are a lot more agreeable to starting a company with questionable prospects than if you have to compete in the free market. If government subsidies decline, you are in real trouble if you have not shown your business model works.That is the plight of alternative energy like solar and wind and ethanol today. Though pundits have...

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New Study: Beef In A Healthy Diet Does Not Increase Risk Of Heart Attacks

For decades there has been a statistical controversy about meat. By statistical I mean it was never a real health issue. Instead, though we clearly evolved to eat it, epidemiologists statistically correlated meat to dying and said therefore we shouldn't eat it. Though such studies noted down at the bottom that the relationship was not causal, they wanted the public to believe it because they...

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Perchlorate In Water Is Not Harmful, Find EPA Scientists – There Is Too Little To Be Harmful

Perchlorate can harm infant brain development, say environmental lawyers. It is a rocket fuel ingredient in your water, say their marketing teams.Both of those are true. Yet meaningless. There hasn't been a single instance of a child getting brain damage from perchlorate in water, it can only even be detected in water because in modern times we can detect anything in anything. Perchlorate is one...

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Mosquito Diseases Kill Tens Of Millions Per Year Worldwide But American Parents Worry More About Ticks

A few species of mosquitoes are nothing but carriers of disease, so pesticides were used to wipe them out in much of North America. Worldwide they remain a public health problem and while some ecologists claim a mythical (and scientifically debunked) 'balance of nature' and therefore insist Aedes aegypti might have some benefit, if we turned them extinct we'd have nothing but less  yellow...

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Homeopathy Is Mostly Harmless Nonsense – Unless You Inject It. Then It’s Dangerous

No homeopathic products have been approved by the FDA for any use but they can still be sold, thanks to President Clinton removing supplements and "alternative" medicine from FDA oversight with the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.So people can sell water with a molecule of something in it and claim it has medical properties, as long as the package states that FDA has not...

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