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Posts made in August, 2020

With No Bee Deaths Happening, Activists Now Say Birds Are Dying From Neonicotinoids

Though periodic deaths of bees continue to happen, and have been documented for as long as records of bees have been kept, over 1,000 years, efforts to blame the most recent statistical blip on a newer class of pesticides designed to reduce pesticide usage, neonicotinoids, have fallen flat. Parasites remain the big killer, as does winter, even changes in land. Arguably the only thing not killing...

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Newborn Mothers Get Too Many Opiods, Claim Osteopaths, Then They Circulate Them In Their Community

The 'teach to the protocol' environment created by government and insurance companies has removed much of the critical thinking in modern medicine, and a new paper suggests even more regulations are needed.It suggests that absent control, doctors are giving prescriptions for postpartum pain in new mothers containing a few too many pills. And those 7-9 extra pills, they claim, may lead to opioid...

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Everything Wrong With Modern Theoretical Physics In One Paper’s Practical Summary

There was once a time when theoretical physicists were prized because they were basically smarter than most people - about one or two things. read more

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If We Want The Next Generation To Care About The Environment, Stop Saying It’s Not To Be Enjoyed

Few care about nature as much as hunters, fishers, and other outdoor sporting enthusiasts. Yet, that is the opposite of the narrative created by more militant environmental groups, who promote the belief that land must be untouched by people and legally off-limits, even if it means government social authoritarianism.Yet in their desire to raise their $2 billion a year by keeping everyone on...

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GMOs Can’t Cause Cancer; But Nutritionists Who Note That Get Yelled At

In 2020, we've all come to know "Karen" in popular culture. She is angry, wealthy, white, and she wants to speak to your manager right now.In food circles, Karen has been around for much longer. She made Whole Foods great. Her asymmetrical bob has long prowled the aisles looking for free-range, shade-tree-grown, fair-trade spices, because she is not just more ethical than you Plebians buying in...

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