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Posts made in July, 2021

People Who Who Say They Trust Science More Are Also More Likely To Promote False Science-y Sounding Claims

A short while ago a prominent physicist made the offhand claim that bees were dying because of a class of pesticides called neonicotinoids - seed treatments that protect plants from pests at their most vulnerable stage and result in far less chemical use than mass spraying. It's not true, and bees are not dying off anywhere, but that claim was still made by environmental fundraising brochures and...

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Here Is How To Win A Nobel Prize Guaranteed

Getting a Nobel Prize in science can be tough.(1) You have to do good work and be a little lucky, but here is a way to win one guaranteed.You just need to go to Nate D. Sanders Auctions on July 29, 2021 and be the high bidder for the 1980 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine awarded to George D. Snell.Organ transplants began in 1954 with a kidney and by 1968 doctors could do hearts, but there...

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Conservatives’ Understanding Of Climate Science Is More In Line With Climate Scientists Than Liberals’

Americans are inherently skeptical, and American adults lead the world in science literacy, so those two things combine to show up in debates about climate change and other sciences.  When you are literate and skeptical it is easy to know just enough to be wrong, when it comes to climate or nuclear energy, vaccines, and agriculture. The difference between the first one and the latter three...

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Demonic: A Black Ops Team Working For The Pope And Scientists Studying Demons Using VR? Just Take My Money

If your checklist for quality cinema contains:(1) The Pope having his own black ops team that hunts demons and(2) Scientists who study demonic possession and(3) VR that becomes Ryou are in luck, because the trailer for "Demonic," directed by Neill Blomkamp, just dropped.So that girl from "Perfect" is all grown up and has a mom who went on a homicidal rampage and for no reason that really matter,...

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Silent Spring Institute Claims Hundreds Of Chemicals Increase Breast Cancer ‘ Risk’

A study by the Silent Spring Institute(1), with funding from the politically sympathetic National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences during the days of organic industry keynote speaker and Ramazzini Institute member Linda Birnbaum, claims that hundreds of chemicals are endocrine disruptors.read...

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