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Climate Change: Engineering Models Hope For Best Outcomes – And Any Chess Player Knows That’s Terrible Strategy

Did you read a paper saying we can prevent ocean damage under climate change scenarios by dumping iron into water to spur phytoplankton growth? Germans did, and were so convinced they began doing illegal live experiments. The model used a best-case scenario, which any entry-level chess player knows is a bad idea - they forgot to falsify their own hypothesis in their zeal to do something. A...

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Fracking Correlated To Radon In Ohio – Here Is Why No One Is Actually At Risk

A study has taken a look at the radii of homes with measured data near natural gas wells and statistically linked that to higher radon.While some in media will use that to sound this week's 'science is killing us' alarm, the reality is that something that is not a concern is being linked to something else not a concern. read...

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Environmental Defense Fund Tortures Bayes To Claim EPA Scientists Are Wrong About Methane

Industrial processes in the United States produce 8 gigagrams of methane emissions per year, according to experts. But Environmental Defense Fund, using a sensor on a Google street view car, is claiming otherwise in a recent article they paid to publish in a small Berkeley-based journal (Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene) that promotes stories about how humans are killing the planet.read...

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California Fires: Where There’s Smoke There’s PM 2.5 Junk Science

As I write this, our local school is closed due to concern about smoke inhalation. Other parts of the nation may not realize it but two severe wildfires broke out recently, in northern and southern California. If this had happened anywhere near New York City or Washington, D.C. it would be called Smokemageddon, or a Particulate Vortex, or something else clever, but because it's California we...

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California Methane Caps Could Hurt Organic Farming Most

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a new law demanding that dairy cows stop producing so much methane. They are basically giant fracking wells on four legs, after all.  read...

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Energy Consumption Will Increase 48% By 2040, Led By Countries Exempt From Climate Treaties

Earlier this month, the U.S. Energy Information released a report projecting that by 2040, world energy consumption will have grown by 48% from 2012 levels.  That sounds like a terrific advancement for developing nations.  We worry about water in other countries, we worry about food, we worry about education and culture. Every single one of those is resolved with affordable energy....

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