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Do You Make Real Estate Decisions Based On The Emissions Of The Property?

A consulting firm that charges you to tell you how to cut your emissions is now claiming that properties which don't spend a lot of money will plummet in value in the near future.So if you own commercial property, you have been warned.read...

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Lots Claim On Surveys That They’ll Change To Fight Climate Change – But Surveys Are Not Behavior

Before COVID-19, it was a large number of Democrats and a tiny number of Republicans who distrusted vaccines, believing something like that they caused autism, or that FDA was in cahoots with Big Pharma, or some weird supplement was just as good as medicine.(1)While on surveys they all claimed to believe in natural medicine and that communicable diseases were no big deal(2), when the pandemic...

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Exposure To Wildfire Smoke May Increase Preterm Birth Risk – But It Would Be The PM10, Not PM2.5

A new study statistically correlates wildfire smoke to pre-term birth risk. There are a number of confounders in that, of course, like that exposure to wildfires creates a great deal of stress and often hurried actions and those are huge factors, but they instead dredged up a link to something that makes little sense - air quality far from fires. And since they came up with a suitably cosmic...

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Urban Emissions Decreased In High-Income Countries And It Would Be More If ‘Virtual’ Pollution Was Not Included

Starting in 1975, in defiance of Population Bomb claims of mass famine about to happen, agricultural science hit an inflection point and more people began to be fed on less land, using less water and energy, with less environmental strain than ever before.read...

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91% Of The World Don’t Live In Polluted Air, And It Has Not Made COVID-19 Worse

COVID-19 has been worse than the coronavirus pandemics of 2012 and 2003 yet the air is cleaner than ever, so a new op-ed claiming that 'virtual' pollution - so small you can't see it without an electron microscope - is the reason SARS-CoV-2 has been so bad comes across as silly, and bordering on deceptive.Even sillier, they claim that 91 percent of planet earth lives in unsafe air.read...

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Sulfate Aerosols Implicated In Climate Change

It's become increasingly hypocritical for wealthy countries to declare a hard stop on CO2 emissions before poor countries even have centralized energy for cooking and water, but a new simulation finds that Draconian caps on quality of life in developing nations may not be needed.read...

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