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Electric Car Batteries Are An Expensive, Energy Intensive Headache To Recycle – And That Is Not Going Away

Riding a wave of government mandates and subsidies, and ignoring that fossil fuel usage to create electricity is identical to what it was before a trillion dollars in additional subsidies for solar and wind alternatives, electric cars are now everywhere.read...

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California Hurt Themselves With Solar Power The Way Sri Lanka Did With Organic Food

Just a few weeks ago, Sri Lanka underwent a meltdown. The price of food had skyrocketed and it was all because instead of believing scientists they believed Russia or Pesticide Action Network or whoever claims the organic process "is ready" to feed everyone and switched. After a whole lot of people who have never farmed made the decision, its collapse was sudden. They switched to organic in...

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EPA Is Lowering The Ethanol Mandate Below 2020 Levels – They Should Lower It To Zero

I am not running for President so I don't have any need to cater to Iowa corn farmers and voters, as former Vice-President Al Gore admitted he was doing when he broke a tie in the Senate and forced ethanol mandates on Americans.read...

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New York City Hates Nuclear Power And Natural Gas – Now They Have To Turn Off Their Air Conditioners

New York's Indian Point nuclear power plant was banned on April 30th of this year - because the ruling political party and the environmental lobbyists who guide decisions convinced themselves that solar was ready to fill the gap.Now the mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, has told residents they need to shut off their air conditioners during a heat wave, because they don't have enough...

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Dams Are The Largest Source Of Hydroelectric Power And Water For Farmers – Environmentalist Should Stop Opposing Them

At the turn of the 20th century Carrie Nation smashed up a saloon in Kansas, gold was discovered in Alaska, and New York City's boundaries became set with the inclusion of Queens and Staten Island. America had five new states and they had a big problem.(1)Water. Homesteaders wanted to move out west, and government wanted to help, but there was a water issue. When rain was happening...

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The World Has Spent $2.6 Trillion On Solar And Wind Power Subsidies – And Gotten Little Energy

The Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2019 report stated that in the previous 10 years the world had spent $2.6 trillion on solar and wind power subsidies - which they framed as a good thing. Since we need to get billions off wood and dung, the largest sources of pollution, that so much money only led to 1,650 gigawatts(GW) of energy should have environmentalists concerned. Instead of...

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