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Applied Physics

Computer Scientist Mark Jacobson Can’t Sue His Way To Competence

Starting Science 2.0 in 2006, I was as wide-eyed as anyone new to media could be.  My first month I was sure we were about to discover life on other planets, cancer was going to be cured, chocolate was healthy, resveratrol was the one polyphenol to rule them all. Oh, and academic scientists were going to rush to write for the public because I loved science. (1) read...

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Father’s Day Science Project: Build A Trebuchet

The Advanced Wonder Excitement Surprise Original Mechatronic Excellence lab is usually devoted to robot design but recently they took a break to go old school. How old school? The 13th century, that's how old school. read...

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Comic Book Science: How To Defeat Someone Who Gets Stronger When You Hit Them

Comic book heroes get into all kinds of crazy situations, everything from alien invaders to losing their powers. Most often, though, might simply makes right -  but what happens when the thing you are fighting gets stronger from being hit? How do you defeat something like that?It actually happened in "The Mighty Thor" #140 from 1967.Comics were a lot different in 1967; fantastic,...

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Weekend Science: Will Your Beer Survive A Nuclear Blast?

The Apocalypse is coming. read...

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The Carbonator Bottle – Make Beer On The Go

Since it's the weekend and you are reading this, you are intellectually curious about science, which means there is also a statistical likelihood you enjoy beer.Because of the natural confluence of interests that cause science and beer to go hand-in-hand, we have written a lot of articles about beer. read...

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Physics Students Take Time To Debunk New Batman Movie Science

If you watched the new "Star Trek" reboot, you had to chuckle when two heroes were plummeting toward terra firma at terminal velocity and were beamed aboard the Enterprise in the nick of time, suffering barely a bump.  And that business about hiding behind Titan...okay, maybe that could work.But that was science fiction, it gets a free pass.  Superhero movies, though, had better get it...

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