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IARC Alone: EPA Confirms Again That Glyphosate Does Not Cause Cancer

There is a big difference between a trial lawyer convincing a jury in one of America's most anti-science regions that an herbicide that only acts on plants might be able to cause human cancer, and scientists with knowledge of chemistry, biology, and toxicology who know better.read...

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Kids Running Lemonade Stands Understand The U-Shaped Curve Isn’t Real, Why Don’t Environmentalists?

Friends of the Earth, the kooky offshoot of Sierra Club that hates science even more, is dumping its advertising budget into a claim it commissioned from a Maharishi Institute scholar who runs what is apparently an uncredentialed lab claiming they were able to detect a weedkiller in common food. And journalists have repeated it everywhere.Any scientist could have told them that and saved their...

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Kratom Is A Drug, But Indonesia Really Wants It To Remain An Unlicensed Supplement

A product like Zicam, which claims it can make colds shorter, shields itself from truth in advertising claims by admitting on the label its product is not actual medicine, it is homeopathy, a pretend drug for people who want to believe.If they were required to show it works, the way pharmaceutical products must, they'd be out of business. If they could pass a double-blind clinical trial, or any...

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Coors Light Could Do A Commercial Noting Their Beer Is Not Brewed With Arsenic, Unlike Bud Light

"Bud Light", a lower carbohydrate beer produced by  Anheuser–Busch InBev of Belgium, made waves at the Super Bowl, among beer experts and competitors at least, by assuring their customers they did not use corn syrup.So corn syrup is bad? Well, no, they didn't say that, they just said they didn't have it, but such "nocebo" tactics - the opposite of placebo, making people feel healthier...

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Dear Bud Light: Your Sugar Is Not Superior To Their Sugar – Yeast Can’t Tell And Neither Can Humans

During the Super Bowl, you can predict there will be a lot of beer commercials. As a non-drinker, this always puzzles me - haven't fans already bought their beer? - but advertising is a trillion dollar industry and I instead run a small non-profit so I am certainly not going to debunk capitalism.However, I am going to debunk junk science and their suggestion that because they use one type of...

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California, Get Rid Of Paper Receipts But Don’t Use Anti-Science Scaremongering As The Reason

A California lawmaker wants to ban paper receipts - those annoying long things that immediately get lost in a grocery bag - but instead of promoting the legitimate reason to get rid of them, they are useless, he invoked chemical scaremongering.read...

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