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In A Pandemic World, Be Thankful For Pesticides

This year, you're going to pay 24 percent more for a turkey, a tough bite out of the wallet for poor people and a dose of reality for economists and armchair pundits who claimed prior to today's "stagflation" that higher prices are no concern.Imagine how much higher prices would be if food suffered the yield losses that occur without modern pesticides. This year I am thankful for my health and my...

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Louisiana Has Important Things To Worry About, Lawyers Shouldn’t Invent A ‘Cancer Alley’ To Pile On

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the American public fell back in love with science. In the first 19 years of this century, Californians denied vaccines to such an extent a law had to be passed to prevent coastal parents from creating a Whooping Cough pandemic. Every building had cancer warnings somewhere - even oncology wards in hospitals warned cancer patients they might get cancer by visiting...

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Fact Check: Is Chewing Gum ‘Made’ Of Plastic?

A reader sent me an email asking about chewing gum and if it was really made of plastic and my first thought was 'Why ask me? Do what scientists do and go to Google, skip the first 10 entries, which will all be gamed by SEO experts at anti-science groups like Ecowatch, and then you will find the answer' but I was hooked when I saw the article linked was in The Economist.read...

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Silent Spring Institute Claims Hundreds Of Chemicals Increase Breast Cancer ‘ Risk’

A study by the Silent Spring Institute(1), with funding from the politically sympathetic National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences during the days of organic industry keynote speaker and Ramazzini Institute member Linda Birnbaum, claims that hundreds of chemicals are endocrine disruptors.read...

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Glyphosate: From $2 Billion To $25 Million On Its Way To $0

The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, located in San Francisco, is unsurprisingly  the most 'progressive' appeals court in the United States. That their judges are so California when it comes to decisions is why they dominate the others when it comes to being overturned by the Supreme Court.San Francisco is a great place to file a lawsuit if you are anti-science and that...

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Chemicals To Put Out Fires Are ‘Riskier’ For Firefighters Than Actual Fires? Not According To Science

A new paper uses emotional verbiage like "forever chemicals" and sketchy correlation to try and claim that fires are not what firefighters should be worried about when the alarm rings, it's the chemicals created by Evil Corporations they should fear.Firefighters are going to be enraged if they see it, and they should be. It puts their lives at risk. This is not junk science, it isn't science at...

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