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Social Media Political Ads: Less Negative, But More Partisan

While it is said that around six percent of voting Americans decide elections - the truly undecided - it is more the case that getting out the vote among your own party matters most. That is why political parties will drive their own to polling places while telling the other side the date of the election has been changed.read...

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Does Genomics Hold Back Advancement Against Racism In Medical Equality?

A new Hastings Report compilation is based on the notion that genomics are the reason we still have medical inequality. Since genomics is a field that exists to sequence our DNA content and therefore help understand disease, it seems odd to posit that it could promote inequality when studying biology we all share.read...

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Extinction: Maybe Cro-Magnon Wiped Out Neanderthals After All

Why is Homo neanderthalensis gone while Homo sapiens have bent the world to our will? In recent years, there has been speculation that climate change wiped out Neanderthal people, or interbreeding with us, since many of us have DNA shared by Neanderthals (we also share 60 percent of our DNA with a banana) but a new paper affirms the earliest belief about survival of the fitter, commonly...

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The Voynich Manuscript Has Been Decoded. Again. Except It Hasn’t.

Beinecke MS 408, commonly called the Voynich Manuscript (after Wilfrid Voynich, a book dealer who bought it in Italy), has long dismissed as gibberish by most, but beginning in 1915, and certainly since the 1960s, it has also been a source of fascination for people who believe it must be a code. Or a recipe book. Or something. It is actually a proto-Romance language, according to a new paper. It...

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Today 33 Million Americans Will Claim To Be Irish, But On St. Patrick’s Day In 1776 Few Irish Wanted To Be American

Many people don't realize July 4th, 1776 was not the day the war between America and Britain started, it's simply the day we traitorous colonists finally had enough of our own country's army attacking us, taking over our homes, stealing our food, locking up our guns, and throwing us in jail for no reason and we put the separation in writing.(1)read...

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Socialist Libertarianism: How To Get 7 Beliefs Common To All Cultures Worldwide

A paper in Current Anthropology uses writing to distill what the authors believe are seven rules of morals common worldwide. It's certainly a catchy idea for people who sit at the bar asking why Arabs and Israelis in the Middle East can't get along but there is a big problem putting them into practice. Some morals aren't creating common ground because they are in opposition to each...

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