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Genetics & Molecular Biology

Genome-Wide Association Analysis May Mean More Accurate Risk Of Coronary Heart Disease

Have you been told you have a greater risk of heart disease based on family history? What does that even mean?read more

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Confluence Of Hype: In Mice, A Genetic Change Prevents A Disease That Doesn’t Exist

In modern American culture, two exploratory fields in science compete to scare the public or suggest the promise of miracle cures; epidemiology and studies in mice.read more

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GROs – Genetically Rescued Organisms – Will Save Plant Species At Risk

In today's Wall Street Journal my article Science Saves an Old Chestnut discusses the potential benefit of President Trump's executive order requiring USDA, FDA, and EPA to modernize when it comes to biotechnology approval. They have to consider actual risk instead of treating every product like a new invention. They don't make flowers go through tens of millions of dollars and 20 years of...

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Researchers Have Found A Wine Grape Once So Prized No One Genetically Modified It For 900 Years

Researchers set out to find a wine grape so popular no one wanted to change it. And they did, thanks to a genetic database of modern grapevines and 28 archaeological seeds from French sites dating back to the Iron Age. They discovered that Savagnin Blanc (not Sauvignon Blanc) from the Jura region of France was genetically identical to a seed excavated from a medieval site in...

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Hamilton Broadway Show Producer Loves Cloning

When you think "Hamilton" in 2019, you think $800 tickets to a Broadway show in Manhattan, and when you think Manhattan, you think urban wealthy elites and the denial of science that seems to go with it.Not so for "Hamilton" producer Jeffrey Seller and Broadway photographer Josh Lehrer, who are instead funding efforts to use science to clone and plant 100 of the world's oldest and largest...

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Insects? Lab-Grown Meat? Are You Ready For Lab-Grown Insect Meat?

Pop culture is in a bit of a quandary. Though food is essential for life, culturally it is no longer a basic necessity, and that's thanks to science. We grow more food on less land than ever dreamed possible. Even Europe, with all its political limitations in agriculture. Food is a cheap commodity and that makes it a values issue.read...

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