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Science 2.0

Science 2.0 For TV – Being A Sheep Farmer Is A Good Selling Point

Science 2.0, the television pilot, has been in development Hell for two years, mostly because I can’t quite figure out what I want it to be in order to make it “2.0” and different from what people see everywhere else and no one who pitched me ideas really caught my attention. In the meantime, the Russians are not an IPO treaty nation so they happily let me build the brand and...

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Women In Science – You Are Oppressed, Even If You Are Not

Some stereotypes are self-reinforcing.   If someone tells you over and over that you are oppressed, if you hit an obstacle and fail, like all of us do at some point in our lives, a convenient excuse is that you are discriminated against.(1)There is zero data showing women are discriminated against in science, math or engineering - none.   But because there used to be far more men and...

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Canceling The James Webb Space Telescope Redux

Science 2.0 favorite Lawrence Krauss of ASU tackled the James Webb Space Telescope issue on the Richard Dawkins website and a commenter there linked to my rationalization that canceling it might be okay, with the hasty disclaimer that he does not agree with what I write - the Dawkins site moderators, and perhaps Dawkins himself, have made their distaste for anyone outside the echo chamber well...

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