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Posts made in September, 2011

Energy Secretary Steven Chu Gets White House Support – And Why That’s Bad For Him

After the election of Barack Obama in 2008, I had a few isolated concerns about his true science colors; he had issued creepy vaccine-autism statements, his transition team was stuffed with people who believed in anti-science UFO conspiracies, another suspect pick was tipped to run the EPA until his anti-vaccine quackery couldn't be hidden any more, and one of his picks thought girls couldn't do...

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The Left Is More Anti-Science Than The Right Unless The Right Is More Anti-Science Than The Left

Question: Quick, what is the fastest way to make the term "false equivalence" appear?Answer: Contend that whatever side of the political spectrum the person you are talking to is on is more anti-science than the other side.  Or even equal.The Left is More Anti-Science than the Right  read...

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The Pitfalls Of Being A Foreign Scientist In China

The more centralized the power, the easier corruption becomes.  Hu Zhicheng, a Chinese-born American scientist who returned to China to bring some entrepreneurship to the Communist world superpower, discovered the dark side of that.Chinese companies cultivate influence with local officials and use law enforcement and a malleable legal system as competitive weapons and, because a business...

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Fact Checking Or Copy Checking? Journalism In Science

Imagine if a journalist sent their story to former Republican Vice-President Dick Cheney to 'check the facts' - what would the outcry sound like from other journalists and the public? read...

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Baseball Blasphemy? Pitching Is Only 25 Percent Of Team Success

Cornelius McGillicuddy, Sr., better known as Connie Mack, once said that pitching is 75 percent of baseball.  He was speaking from experience, not data, and looks can be deceiving, as people who think a curve ball move two feet can attest, but science is about understanding the world according to data, and that includes baseball.   The data say he is wrong, according to a new analysis...

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