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Posts made in May, 2024

The Upside To AI And Young Creativity

Artificial Intelligence - AI - isn't really AI at all, which may be why it has been so disappointing to companies that aren't trying to sell you a new leaf blower. Instead of doing something practical, like the dishes or laundry so you have more time to do art or music, AI is doing music and art for you.Basically, it's an over-hyped grift. read...

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GMOs Saved Australian Cotton From The Bollworm

GMOs began their chain of success with human insulin, then saved the papaya from extinction in Hawaii, and have since fed billions of humans and trillions of animals without so much as a stomach-ache.That hasn't stopped competitors, $135 billion in the organic food industry, from funding activist groups to undermine the food supply.read...

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Glyphosate Impact On Soil Microbes – The 1% Can Worry But Scientists Do Not

Is glyphosate damaging essential microbes in soil? A multi-year study sought to answer the question using real-world conditions.Glyphosate (e.g Roundup) is the most popular weedkiller in the world, and that has made it a target for some disreputable competitors, primarily those in the organic food segment, who promote their own chemicals as alternatives. Their chemicals, they claim, don't harm...

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Weekend Science: You Don’t Need An Expensive Espresso Grind To Make Great Espresso

I have three manual espresso machines and a Nespresso and even after years of making them, it can be difficult to get it just right. It takes pressure, understanding the ground beans, and a touch of finesse, which can be more challenging than it sounds.As beans age they express gases. The carbon dioxide is high right after roasting and after about five days it has leveled out to where you can get...

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If You Don’t Have A Brain Worm But Still Think GMOs And Cell Phones Cause Cancer, You Have No Excuse

It was recently revealed that anti-vaccine, anti-cell-phone conspiracy theorist Robert F. Kennedy had a brain worm. Well, claimed by him. Crackpots make lots of claims.He also claimed during his divorce that he got mercury poisoning from seafood, which was almost as supernatural in its supposed harmful effects back in 2012, according to trial lawyers running environmental groups and the wealthy...

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