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Posts made in October, 2011

Thanks, Congress – We Need To Make Fake Maple Syrup A Felony

Vermont Democrats want their constituents to know they are getting something done to protect Vernont jobs - they want to make it a felony to sell Maple syrup that is not authentic.If you have lived in a place with Maple trees, you know the process; you stick a spigot in a tree when the winter thaw arrives and hang a bucket on it and delicious sugar water arrives.  Then you empty the bucket...

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The 1% Love Solar Subsidies Paid By The Other 99%

The 99%, those people protesting current government and corporate greed, think banks are the problem, yet they don't seem to realize banks aren't the biggest problem - the government that enables them and other kooky schemes is.  Likewise, Hollywood capitalists are having a field day joining in on calls to make changes - unless it is to their incomes.While Kanye West, one of those rich...

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Radiance: Alan Alda Shines A Light On Marie Curie

Quick, have you heard of Professor Curie?  How about Marie Curie?If you're reading this article, you may have known who I meant with the first one, but how many of you instinctively thought of Pierre Curie, co-discoverer of Polonium and Radium, when I used the term 'professor'?  You all knew the name Marie Curie but to the bulk of the world, one of the most iconic scientists of the 20th...

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Mars Feels The Sun’s Angry Wrath Too

Ol' man Sol doesn't just screw with Earthlings.  Earth got "epic" geomagnetic storms during the last few days, allowing southern states to see the Northern Lights, and now Mars is on the list.

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AeroShot – Caffeine You Inhale

Is sitting around with your friends and talking while you drink coffee too time-consuming?  Do you think that 5 Hour Energy Drink tastes creepy?The folks at AeroShot have some good product news for you; inhalable caffeine.Sure, the little lime-flavored puffs jolt you with 100 mg of caffeine, the same as a large cup of coffee, but they also throw in niacin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12....

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