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Posts made in May, 2023

Japan Had Its Own Dr. Mengele – And Their Unit 731 Human Experimentation Lab Has Now Been Found

We hear a lot about German atrocities during World War II but in some ways Japan was just as bad. The Nanjing massacre in December 1937 is well-known but the Japanese army's organized use of typhoid, cholera, and plague gets less press. They didn't get as much attention because during the Japanese occupation, China was also fighting a civil war between communists and nationalists.read...

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FDA Targets Puff And Hyde Disposable E-Cigarettes

In the early days of changes in laws to products like alcohol, some people below the new legal threshold were still able to get it. It was impossible to arrest everyone selling illegally, and there was a certain freedom argument many made, i.e. why can I shoot a Nazi in Europe but not buy a beer in the US?read...

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COVID-19 Led To More Youth Obesity – And More Bariatric Surgery

Calories cause obesity and while everyone wants a magic solution to eating too much for a prolonged period of time, those with the means can make it reality in the form of surgery.COVID-19 set off a panic in much of culture. Schools were closed, people were ostracized if they didn't think flipping masks up and down between sips of water was clinically valid, but decisions were being made in...

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Electric Cars Are The CFL Bulbs Of Automobiles

During the Obama administration, government decided the way to reduce climate emissions was not to build nuclear plants or something sure to work, it was to mandate and subsidize...CFL bulbs.That's right, the fluorescent lights that everyone had hated for decades were now going to be given to everyone at reduced cost - while everyone also paid higher utility bills to pay for the bulbs they didn't...

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Like Drinking, College Student Binge Eating Can Have Future Consequences If Unchecked

New food surveys show what you probably knew; if you eat too much, you will get fat, and obesity is a risk factor for numerous health issues.read more

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