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COVID-19 Lockdown Fallout: We May Have Failed School Kids

When a pandemic is happening in real time, it's only possible to know in hindsight what was a successful mitigation strategy, what was hype to help a presidential candidate, or even what was suppressed for geopolitical interests.There is no question mitigation was good, but political and corporate media pressure to keep the world locked down and terrified into 2022 was always immunologically...

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Subsidized Housing Makes Inequality Worse

With rampant inflation, an economy whose only baffling bragging right is that it gained back 80 percent of the jobs lost since the Biden administration began, and mortgage rates increasing the most since Jimmy Carter was president, calls are on to subsidize more housing for the poor.read...

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Academic Patents Mean Money, And That Means An Engineering Department

If a school doesn't have a strong sports program, universities that have seen faculty and administrative salaries skyrocket have used the unlimited student loan debt program created in the late 1980s to fund growth. Yet a few years prior to that, a science fundraising option had also been made available.In 1980, Democrats passed the Bayh-Dole Act and it reversed long-standing policy that if a...

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People Lie On Surveys And When Its Comes To Guns, Women And Minorities Want Government To Know The Least

A crippling flaw in much epidemiology is that it takes survey results as truthful and then seeks to correlate that to some benefit or harm. It's why epidemiologists said butter was bad and trans fats were good, until butter was good and trans fats were bad. If you were gullible enough to buy quinoa, teff, or any other superfood, some influencer you believed had an epidemiology paper on their...

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California Didn’t Reduce Brownouts With Solar, It Reduced Them With Less Regulation

In the 1990s, utility regulations promised to do for electricity what it had done for airline travel and telephone calls - reduce costs by 90 percent for consumers. California instead did what government had done to cable television costs; used over-regulation so that only the largest companies could survive the political phalanx they created.In the early 2000s, a California Governor was recalled...

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Grass Fed, Free Range, No Antibiotics – USDA Is Cracking Down On Misleading Animal Claims

You may not know it, but the US Department of Agriculture does; if there is detection of an antibiotic in an animal off to the processing plant, the entire railcar full will be destroyed. On the other hand, if you never use antibiotics for a sick animal, you are being inhumane and jeopardizing a whole herd.read...

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