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Activists Hope The Biden Administration Will Eliminate A Science Requirement For Endangered Species Act Rulings

In its 47 year history, the Endangered Species Act went from an essential law to protect actual endangered species to a hammer with which to pummel companies and landowners. What started with an American bald eagle became holding housing development projects hostage by getting an obscure endangered designation for some creature and then demanding huge settlements and fees to 'protect' it.read...

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By Donating To Sourcewatch, The National Education Association Is Using Teacher Dues To Smear Teachers

Internal documents obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request show that the two largest teacher unions, the National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers (AFL–CIO), have donated to a Democratic political advocacy organization named "Center for Media and Democracy" which produces numerous products for its base. One of them, Sourcewatch, is a wiki written by...

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Though Only 20% Of Americans Hold Negative Views About Vaccination, The Political Skew Impacts Policy

What do anti-vaccine believers have in common? A similar distrust in other settled science like GMOs and nuclear power, for one. And they all are more likely to share similar voting patterns, which means that even though only 20 percent of Americans hold negative views of vaccines, they have an outsized impact on policy. Because most of them are on the same political side.read...

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Cashew Spread Is Not Butter And States Are Closing Regulatory Loopholes FDA Will Not

Ever since President Clinton turned the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 into law, taking away federal authority over food and supplements unless bodies started dropping, the US Food and Drug Administration has been a little timid in doing the things it should do. Obviously it still approves products, but it has acted more like an agency buffeted by politics. When grassroots...

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With “Regulatory Determinations Based On Risks” President Trump May Be The Pro-Biotech President We Need

With a new executive order, President Trump has done something that the science community has wished would have been done since the 1980s; he has ordered his administration to streamline the federal regulatory process for agricultural biotechnology so that every new product is not treated like a new invention.read...

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The US Leads The World In Science Output While Israel Tops Per Capita

A new index of scientific output has been released and it finds that the United States continues to dominate in research, bolstered by the private sector accounting for nearly 70 percent of science funding, where most other developed countries instead rely on government. The analysis factored in the number researchers as percentage of population, patents, papers released, and GDP...

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