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Genetics & Molecular Biology

Concern About Microplastics From Sex Toys Overblown

Microplastics are a kernel of biological concern that gets magnified by hype, like endocrine "disrupting" chemicals or weedkillers detectable in breast milk. In modern times, we can detect anything in anything, so the 'zero' levels of the 1960s no longer exist, because testing is 1,000,000 times more sensitive than it was in the past.read...

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Fall Armyworm And Maize: If We Want Africa To Feed Itself, Europe Has To Stop Penalizing Them For Using Science

Thanks to the fall armyworm, nearly all of Africa's maize crop is in jeopardy, finds a new study. The new projection was made using 3,175 geo-tagged occurrences and factoring in physiological and climatological requirements to geographically assess its range. They showed that almost 92 percent of Africa‚Äôs maize growing areas can mean year-round growth of fall armyworm while 95 percent are...

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Phages: Scientists Create New Natural Weapon Against Bacterial Contamination And Infection

A new process uses harmless viruses that eat bacteria to form microscopic beads that can safely be applied to food and other materials to rid them of harmful pathogens such as E. coli. Though tiny, each bead is about one third the width of human hair, they have millions of bacteriophages. read...

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Mendel At 200: Why The Austrian Monk Is The Father Of Genetics

Newly-discovered historical information adds weight to the belief that given what was known in the mid-19th century, Gregor Mendel, the Austrian (Moravian, now part of the Czech Republic) Monk was even further ahead of his time.  So advanced his work was criticized by some as 'too good to be true' despite surviving every challenge.Resentful scientists may have later tried to claim he...

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Polar Bear Genome From 100,000 Years Ago Shows It Was Genetically Modified

Genetic admixture didn't begin in the 1970s, when insulin became the first government approved genetically modified organism (GMO) and AquAdvantage salmon, where an Atlantic salmon expresses a natural gene from a Chinook salmon to grow faster, certainly was not the first time such genetic engineering showed benefits across the ecosystem.A new study finds that genetic admixture occurred in polar...

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Boys Are More Demanding Than Girls Even Before Birth – In Mouse Pregnancies

Up to 15 percent of women are diagnosed with pregnancy complications and a new paper says that boys are more likely to be the cause than girls.The authors speculate it may be because boys grow faster in the womb, needing more energy and nutrients from the mother through the placenta but after around 100 billion childbirths in human history that doesn't add up. Maybe it is the case in mice, and...

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