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Posts made in May, 2021

Sweden Wants To Ban Any Car That Isn’t Electric – And It Could Work

The Swedish government might ban the sale of new combustion cars in 2030 - and a new paper wants to get even more Draconian. Their computer estimate suggests that banning all combustion cars, even older ones already in use, might be the only way they will meet their climate targets. The replacement: electric vehicles.It could work.read...

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Posturing On Vaccine Hesitancy Is A Mistake

If you are still being paid and your job is so secure you can go on strike to demand that your employer not ask you to come into the office, you might think getting a vaccine is not only no big deal, but is a moral mandate more important than any other. You can dismiss people who are less enthusiastic(1) as vaccine deniers or something even worse for journalists and 94 percent of science...

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The Next Big MCU Villain Will Be The Celestials

At the end of "Marvel's The Avengers" we had some idea who the next film's big villain would be - we just didn't know they would build the entire MCU around gim.read more

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If Georgia Has A Vaccine Hesitancy Problem, The Problem May Be Chiropractors

Georgia would like to get COVID-19 vaccine up to herd immunity levels sooner rather than later but there are obstacles; among the less educated, they may be a little nervous because prior to 2020 FDA and CDC acted like all pharmaceutical companies were spawns of Lucifer, so suddenly being told they are saving the world causes cognitive dissonance. Some journalists and social media pundits who...

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Evidence For The Wuhan Lab COVID-19 Hypothesis Isn’t Going To Be Waved Away

A recent report by the World Health Organisation on the origins of SARS-CoV-2 and resulting disease COVID-19 glossed over China - the country is not even mentioned until page 15 - but the rest of the world is not so easily bullied.read...

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