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Posts made in November, 2019

Is Dogor A Dog or Wolf? When It Comes To This 18,000-Year-Old Siberian Critter, Science Can’t Tell

Most people know that domesticated dogs and wolves share a common evolutionary tree, and that the branches were entangled for quite some time, but nothing drives that home more than a two-month-old canine puppy found in the permafrost of the Belaya Gora site in Siberia.Is it a dog or a wolf? It was a male and radiocarbon dating gave the age range but DNA sequencing has been unable to determine...

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Relax About Your Diet For Thanksgiving

This week you have likely been deluged with fast-talking influencers on television talking about how to stick to your diet this holiday season. They don't know what they are talking about, next week the same group of thin, hurried, fast-talking, overconfident people will be making gift recommendations.Calories are a marathon, not a one-day spring. If you are fat, binging for one day didn't cause...

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Here All The Certified Organic Foods With Carcinogens You Need To Avoid This Thanksgiving

Let’s say your Generation Z child is concerned about chemicals in your Thanksgiving meal and you want to avoid that awkward moment when they don’t look up from their phones while saying “OK Boomer” as you try to explain to them that all food has chemicals. Maybe they just don’t want scientific chemicals. Maybe they want the organic kind that are healthier, according...

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Aspirational Recyclers Don’t Want To Read This

Much of recycling is aspirational, and we choose to believe it works because we don't want to feel worse knowing it is a scam.In the 1980s I worked as a fundraiser for an environmental group, Public Interest Research Group.  PIRG had all of the predictable anti-science activism points, which was a challenge since part of the region I covered contained a whole lot of people working at...

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This Real Life Buckaroo Banzai Jet Car Went So Fast Its Paint Peeled Off

Land speed records used to be a big deal, in 1984’s “Buckaroo Banzai: Across The 8th Dimension”, the hero completes brain surgery because he has to drive his jet car to impress the Department of Defense, while his secret mission is to discover a portal to another dimension.Now, it is not such a big deal. While everyone knows Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier in a jet, few can tell you...

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