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Posts made in July, 2012

Real-Life Robotech Mecha Have Finally Arrived

Suidobashi Heavy Industry of Japan has finally found a way to make (a) work or (b) laser tag interesting to me; put me inside a giant robot. But to get the "Kuratas mecha" you will have to spend $1.35 million. You will want to, because they have a polite, hot Japanese girl in shorts in their video. Its diesel engine sends it at an elegant 10 KPH clip, basically a decent walking...

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Kinesiotaping Is Basically Magnetic Bracelets For 2012

Kinesio tape, developed by Dr. Kenzo Kase decades ago, claims to provide muscle and joint support without restricting movement.  And it's so popular that Kinesio's product website advocates a particular taping technique which practitioners need to learn on a special training course. 4000 in Britain are qualified in this 'art' of Kinesiotaping, but the big question is, does it really...

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Vikings Were Not Dirty Savages, Say Descendants Of Dirty Savages

If you want to find out what people really think of your culture, present or past, you need only go to Facebook.  That’s what ScienceNordic’s Danish partner site, videnskab.dk, did to find out from the audience what the Vikings were like.  And a small Danish site is not polling Americans, it is mostly Danish people. It [...]

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Aesop’s Fable: Is Your Child Smarter Than That Crow?

If the legend is true, Aesop lived during the sixth century B.C. He was born a slave but was given his freedom as a reward for his wit and intelligence.  He never wrote anything down but the stories people remembered were so intriguing virtually every moralistic fable before him (and after) got attributed to him.  Now Aesop's Fables number in the 600s.  One of them, "The Crow and...

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Progressive Anti-Science: Biologists Are Just Tinkerers

Do you work in genetics? If so, you are out to ruin the brains of children, according to a claim at Alternet.org. read...

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