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Posts made in September, 2013

Supersymmetry In The Book Of Genesis

In the beginning, Mother Nature created the universe and in it she put Quantum Mechanics.Mother Nature had formed out of the ground all the wild particles in the sky. She brought them to Quantum Mechanics to see what Quantum Mechanics would name them; and whatever Quantum Mechanics called each thing, that was its name.  But it was not enough.Then Mother Nature said, “It is not good for...

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National Geographic And E-Cigarettes: Evidence-Based Or Culture War?

Last week,

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Weekend Science: The Wine Glass Affects How Much You Get Poured

Unless you are in a bar and have a bartender with a pour spout (in other words, a terrible bar), pouring a glass of wine is not an exact measurement. And at a private party or in someone's house, a 'glass of wine' can be more like three - if you master the psychology of wine glasses.We're in a world of over-labeling. Everything has calories printed on it, warnings about cancer and claims about...

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Language Translation: A Problem of Vector Space Mathematics

To translate one language into another, find the linear transformation that maps one to the other. Simple, if you are part of an elite team of Google engineers.

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How To Ban Coal Plants, But Not Help Global Warming, Without Even Trying

The EPA's war on science and business is nothing new. What started four decades ago as an honest effort by the Nixon administration to protect the environment from an increasingly industrialized society has instead helped cause industry to vacate America whenever possible. read...

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