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Posts made in February, 2022

Erika Girardi, Wife Of Discredited ‘Erin Brockovich’ Lawyer, Named In New $2.1 Million Lawsuit For ‘Aiding and Abetting’

Erika Girardi, a "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star, has been sued in a new $2.1 million complaint claiming she "aided and abetted" Tom in his law firm Girardi&Keese's alleged financial wrongdoings. They are being sued by the people who represented because he would get settlements and he kept the money, it is claimed.read...

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Unless You’re The Hulk, You Can’t Open A Plane Door During Flight

In the outstanding "Charlie's Angels" film of 2000, a spectacular opening sequence is just that; one of our heroines (in disguise as LL Cool J in disguise as...an African prince? It's never said who "Mr. Jones" is supposed to be, other than awesome) pops the emergency exit door on the very large airplane with her elbow to carry a terrorist wearing a bomb vest into the open air and save...

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COVID-19: It Increased Trust In Science Among Germans And Lowered It Among Americans

There is little good resulting from the pandemic, except for the fantastic innovation behind the vaccines. A few months ago politicians told companies to stop being greedy and pay more money to people who stopped working when government paid people not to work, so companies paid more, and resulting inflation is causing equity to decrease between the poor and the middle class. San Francisco is...

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Fukushima And How Germany Doomed Itself To Russian Influence By Choosing Nuclear Hysteria Over Science

If you were an environmental activist or a politician looking to use any world event to gain cultural traction against nuclear science after slowly losing ground due to concerns about climate change, Fukushima was manna from heaven. The prospect of a nuclear meltdown is just what you hoped for to get the most viable clean energy source banned.read...

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Vegan Nonsense: New York City Mayor Eric Adams Think Heroin Addict Brains Act The Same As People Who Like Cheese

It's easy not to be sympathetic to heroin junkies. They are self-victimizing lifestyle addicts and the Obama administration CDC's efforts to blame Big Pharma for a recreational opioid addiction look ridiculous when the same Big Pharma is now saving the world from COVID-19.But people addicted to heroin are not the same as those who eat too much cheese. There are limits to how we should let...

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