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Posts made in August, 2016

Beekeeping Fad And The Stress Of Traveling Is Harmful To Bees

Are bees in peril or not? It's difficult to know, because the moment science declares one thing not an issue (example: neonicotinoid targeted pesticides), environmental groups move the goalposts and declare something else is the problem. When honey bees were shown to be unaffected, groups proposed that wild bees were the big concern, and if amateur record-keeping and a Bayesian estimate agrees,...

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Organic Sprouts Linked To Salmonella

Sprouts Extraordinaire of Colorado has been implicated in 30 cases of Salmonella, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Salmonella Reading and Salmonella Abony infections have been reported in nine states. Five people have been hospitalized. Since 1996, there have been at least 30 reported outbreaks of foodborne illness associated with different types of raw and...

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Fact Or Hype: Brexit Will Hurt Science Funding

Though Britain has consistently been part of formal European trading, it was with some hesitation that they entered the European Union (EU) in 1993, and they famously balked at adopting the Euro currency in 1999.During that time, fears about giving a lot more than they get have been realized. Some claims have been that science in the UK would be impacted by Britain's exit from the EU -...

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