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Posts made in December, 2012

Calling Indiana Jones: Ancient Chinese Tomb Is Too Dangerous For Everyone Else

The Indiana Jones movies are good when they have some basis in real stuff - like Nazis and the Ark of the Covenant in "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" and Templars and...well, Nazis again...in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade".When Steven Spielberg ventured into fake temples and 1950s alien hokum, we got movies better left to AFI members to have to endure.  So for Indiana Jones 5, he should...

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Another Reason To Like Jennifer Aniston

I like Jennifer Aniston and not simply for the reason you might expect - I am a healthy, heterosexual man - but because she is good at what she does and after actress Marlo Thomas was on the "Friends" TV show a long time ago, Aniston started doing advocacy work for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital (started by Danny Thomas, father of Marlo), one of my favorite groups - and still does it....

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Weekend Science: Carp Sense Geomagnetic Fields

Czech researchers have hypothesized that carp in large tubs at Christmas markets possess a capacity to sense geomagnetic fields.  read more

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Why That New Year’s Resolution Is Likely To Fail

In western civilization, New Year's Resolutions are a big deal.  A new year means a new opportunity to meet goals - and losing weight is a popular one.But do they work?  People binge like crazy during the holidays and heavy people were not eating moderately before that. So dieters are already in the hole, weightwise.  And eating less food is hard.Writing at Policy Mic, Cameron...

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Science 2.0’s Top 10 Most Popular Articles Of 2012

Science 2.0 is not like most other science sites. Aside from not being a part of a billion-dollar conglomerate, our audience is also a little off kilter. By off kilter, I mean ahead of everyone else. read...

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