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Posts made in August, 2023

Framing: ‘EPA Removes Federal Protection’ When The New Regulations Were Never In Place

A few months ago, the Supreme Court continued to play Whack-A-Mole with the Biden administrationon's efforts to give control over US family farms to the EPA - under the guise of a Waters of the United States Act they expanded without a vote, and then the Clean Water Act, and then using an interpretation of the Endangered Species Act.Eventually they may be forced to fall back on the CDC and say...

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Geothermal Energy Is Clean And Renewable And American Environmentalists Oppose It

Last century, $3 billion in environmental groups opposed 19th century technology - oil. To win their war on extinction they promoted an unscientific concept that caught on with journalists and allied academics - "fossil fuels" - and insisted alternatives were better. Alternatives like hydroelectric and geothermal and natural gas.(1) Today, they oppose all of those. They want to tear down all...

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Subsidized Housing Makes Inequality Worse

With rampant inflation, an economy whose only baffling bragging right is that it gained back 80 percent of the jobs lost since the Biden administration began, and mortgage rates increasing the most since Jimmy Carter was president, calls are on to subsidize more housing for the poor.read...

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Sorry Carl Sagan, We’re Not An Empty Atomic Void

We use an atomic orbital in our logo, even though it is scientifically wrong.Scientists spend a lot of time nit-picking minutiae(1)  but sometimes you have to go with imagery the broad public understands, not try to satisfy that guy at a conference Q&A session who doesn't have a question but just wants to talk about himself.An atomic orbital doesn't ruin trust in science, the way garbage...

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Dentists Are Having To Spend Time Telling Patients That IARC Is Wrong About Aspartame

Do you think being a barber will cause you to get cancer? Listening to the radio? Drinking from a paper straw?If the answer is yes, you are an International Agency for Research on Cancer epidemiologist. If you know better, then you know it is safe to keep on chewing Trident gum, or any other gum with aspartame. A message that dentists are in the awkward position of having to reinforce for...

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