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Posts made in March, 2024

Black Mental Health Is Basically Ignored By AI Models

Large Language Models, colloquially called Artificial Intelligence by companies selling rebranded autocomplete tools to other companies and the public, can automate a lot of entry-level projects but when it comes to anything more complex the flaws are quickly seen.When Black people using social media exhibit possible depression in their prose, a paper claims LLM/AI tools don't detect it as easily...

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President Biden DId The Only Possible Thing To Prop Up The Floundering Electric Car Business

President Biden and his economists don't really believe in the free market, they instead believe that government 'primes the pump' of the economy, so if they subsidize and mandate something, like ethanol in gasoline or electric cars or solar panels, a miracle of capitalism will occur and the industry will take off. If they create inflation by giving $5 trillion in money to government union...

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Genetically Rescued Organisms: Photosynthesis-Enhanced Poplar Joins American Chestnut

In a 2019 Wall Street Journal article, I brought a "genetically rescued organism" some popular attention. It was the American Chestnut, which had been devastated by a blight that conventional techniques and chemicals could not stop.read...

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5 Ways Friends Of The Earth Is Lying To Mexicans About Science For Profit

In 1969, a fellow who felt that the eugenicist founders of Sierra Club were not militant enough in their war on brown and black people under the guise of 'population control' set out to create his own organization. He latched on to the most popular progressive positions of the day - nuclear power etc. - but declared the group to be in opposition to all science.read...

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American Individualism May Be A Negative In Old Age

America was founded by people escaping European norms, like government control of religion and economies. Such culturally inherited individualism has served us well but government is now claiming that loneliness may be a problem. Not a problem like California manufactures with its claims about 'toxic stress' but because people are a lot more mobile. Fewer work in trades so they may not stay...

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