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Posts made in July, 2019

Fracking Correlated To Radon In Ohio – Here Is Why No One Is Actually At Risk

A study has taken a look at the radii of homes with measured data near natural gas wells and statistically linked that to higher radon.While some in media will use that to sound this week's 'science is killing us' alarm, the reality is that something that is not a concern is being linked to something else not a concern. read...

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Nutritional Supplements And Fad Diets Still Don’t Work

A recent review of meta-analyses and 277 randomized controlled trials--in which nearly 1 million adults participated--to find out how various nutritional supplements and diets influenced mortality rates and cardiovascular outcomes found...not much.read...

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Forget Propaganda About Nuclear Energy, The Real Radiation Risk For Humans Is Natural Cosmic Rays

Sometimes pop culture becomes fact for the public. When the climate disaster film "The Day After Tomorrow" came out, journalists bizarrely started referencing it as a real climate change scenario, and now that Netflix, the home of anti-science sentiment among streaming services(1), has "Chernobyl" available, people think that is creating mutants.(2)read...

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Psychological Impact Of Genetic Testing – Like All Psychology, It Depends

Population level metrics such as Body Mass Index (BMI) or statistical correlation using epidemiology don't do much to inform individual experience, and psychology faces the same issue. Surveys can tell us whatever surveys can tell us about what a particular group of people taking surveys think, but there is a reason that no polling group does well with Congressional districts that are...

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Confluence Of Hype: In Mice, A Genetic Change Prevents A Disease That Doesn’t Exist

In modern American culture, two exploratory fields in science compete to scare the public or suggest the promise of miracle cures; epidemiology and studies in mice.read more

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