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Posts made in December, 2021

Tesla Owner Blows Up His Car Rather Than Pay $22K For A New Battery

Electric vehicle owners get subsidized buy the poor to adopt an environmental halo. They use electricity, not fossil fuels, they believe, so they are saving the planet.The environmental reality is much starker and just like ethanol and natural gas, which environmental groups once lobbied heavily to get into common use, they are going to turn on electric cars the minute the lawsuits look...

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In About A Month NASA Will Go From Webb Telescope Hype To Reality

The James Webb Space Telescope successfully launched earlier today from French Guiana, ending years of doubt and skepticism that the successor to Hubble would ever be finished.  The Europeans did their part with Ariane 5 and now it's up to a NASA that's been under constant criticism about overruns and a low joint confidence interval since the first delays were announced in the early part of...

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Science Is Not A Moonshot Or A Manhattan Project And Government Should Stop Using That Rhetoric

Would you spend $12,500 for a hearing aid? I hope not. Yet in the Biden administration's latest stimulus plan, they were counting on the fact that centrist Democrats and Republicans would want so badly to include hearing aids in Medicare that they'd give giant subsidies to electric car companies and the wealthy Democrats who buy them.read...

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RFK Jr. Is ‘A Very Disturbed Individual’ – Dr. Anthony Fauci

If you have been in the pro-science community for even a short while, you know that the anti-agriculture and anti-vaccine and anti-natural gas contingents have tremendous overlap. Take a compass and draw a circle around a Whole Foods and you are going to find a nexus of people believe their Tesla uses electricity, but not fossil fuels, for energy, that organic food and supplements make medicine...

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Will It Be A Happy Christmas For The James Webb Space Telescope?

After nearly two decades of budget overruns, delays, and technical glitches, the James Webb Space Telescope is almost ready to launch. Its latest delay is just for one day, which means it could launch on Christmas.read more

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