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Posts made in January, 2022

Democrats in Academia Believe POTUS Biden Has Already Been Great For Science But The Evidence Isn’t There

A new opinion piece in Nature says that President Joe Biden has mostly followed the science and he is a lot better than President Trump - but how much of that is filtered through the reality that one is in their political tribe and the other guy a Republican muddles the issue. Academics said the same thing about Obama over Bush and it was so clearly partisan (and scientifically wrong) we wrote a...

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UK Rolls Back Restrictions On Neonics Based On “Robust Scientific Assessment”

Late last spring, Sri Lanka listened to anti-science activists who claimed organic food was viable right now and less progressive countries simply lacked the political will to stand up to large corporations and banned all processes but organic.Within a few short months crops had failed, GDP was in freefall, people were hoarding food, the black market became rampant, and the government was forced...

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Environmental Health Trust Now Claims 5G Cell Phones Kill Trees

Prior to 2021, if you found an anti-vaxxer, it was also going to be someone who bought organic food and thought cell phones cause cancer. While some kooky Republicans have taken over for some of the wacky left-wing people that deny vaccines, organic food and 5G conspiracy theories are thankfully still only one party and thus don't get much media attention from their political tribe in corporate...

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The Real Future Of Solar Power Is Space

If you believe solar power is ready for mass usage, you are likely an activist, in the industry, or one of the customers who really believes they are selling electricity back to the utility at the same price they are paying when they need it and it isn't being paid for by people in the apartments that we get told are better for the environment than single-family homes.Without mandates and...

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Supreme Court Finds Biden Can Mandate Vaccines For Federally Funded Hospitals But Not All Businesses

The Supreme Court dealt another blow to federal overreach by the Biden administration but then rightly upheld vaccine mandates if an organization is federally funded.Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, nearly all hospitals are federally funded. So a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services rule requiring vaccinations for health care workers at companies that receive Medicare or...

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