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Posts made in April, 2019

FDA Approves IQOS Smoking Cessation Tool

Just over a year ago I testified before a Food and Drug Administration advisory panel in support of the iQOS device, a smoking replacement tool that heats tobacco but doesn't ignite it.read more

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IARC Alone: EPA Confirms Again That Glyphosate Does Not Cause Cancer

There is a big difference between a trial lawyer convincing a jury in one of America's most anti-science regions that an herbicide that only acts on plants might be able to cause human cancer, and scientists with knowledge of chemistry, biology, and toxicology who know better.read...

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You’ll Have The Chance To Buy A Dodo Skeleton At Christie’s On May 24th

Cows and chickens will never go extinct because they are food, and some useless critters like Aedes aegypti have managed to tough it all despite being just disease vectors. For everything else, it can be a crap shoot. Nature is out to kill us all.read...

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The US Leads The World In Science Output While Israel Tops Per Capita

A new index of scientific output has been released and it finds that the United States continues to dominate in research, bolstered by the private sector accounting for nearly 70 percent of science funding, where most other developed countries instead rely on government. The analysis factored in the number researchers as percentage of population, patents, papers released, and GDP...

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How Kilian Jornet Trained To Sprint Up Mount Everest In Record Time

When we think of Mt. Everest, it's usually imagery like Sir Edmund Hillary and his guide Tenzing Norgay in parkas and with oxygen tanks making the hazardous 29.000 climb. And then there are the dead bodies, nearly 300 of them, those who perished on the trek to the summit.What we don't think of is a man running, yet that is what Kilian Jornet Burgada did part of the way in famous photos - and...

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