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Posts made in February, 2024

Boiling Water To Remove ‘Microplastics’ Is So Dumb Even Washingon Post Won’t Endorse It. Oh Wait…

A new paper in Environmental Science&Technology Letters (created a decade ago to ride the 'everything causes cancer' craze) claims that not only are 'microplastics' harmful - because in modern times we can detect anything in anything and if you can detect it, it is killing you - you can and should remove them by both boiling and filtering the water in your home.It is so bizarre - we'd have...

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Reduce School Violence By Eliminating Grades, Say Academic Psychologists

One of the few things that can get a government union employee in a mandatory industry like education fired is hitting a student. Yet the link between increased tolerance and less accountability for students has correlated to increased violence by teachers. If there are no repercussions for behavior, behavior gets worse.Everyone seems to know this except academic psychologists, who instead argue...

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Carbon Offsets Won’t Work Until There Is Science In How Trees Are Planted

Former Vice-President Al Gore has a giant mansion but buys carbon offsets to mitigate the damage. Do they work?It depends, and that means it is unlikely. Lots of corporations dove into the carbon offset market, Mr. Gore made hundreds of millions of dollars investing in them, but there is no standard beyond 'we will plant this many trees.' The story is certainly compelling. There is no guilt about...

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Two Huge Organic Food Sellers Top America’s Worst Regarded Grocery Chains

So-called "organic food" is a gigantic industry, $135 billion in revenue per year, augmented by a corporate panel created by the Clinton administration that exempts them from real U.S. Department of Agriculture oversight. They can exempt any synthetic ingredients they want and still sell an organic sticker (and do - dozens and dozens of them) and have insider corporations that "certify" organic...

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Raw Cheese by Raw Farm Recall Due to E. Coli

Raw milk producers are dangerous, with 700X more foodborne illness risk than pasteurized milk which has had pathogens neutralized. Raw cheese has a better safety record because folk wisdom says that after 60 days the bad stuff is dead.read more

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