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Posts made in July, 2022

Middle-Aged Women Are More Likely To Embrace Alternatives To Medicine, But Don’t Tell Their Doctors

If you want to find the demographic that most likely thinks chiropractors, massages, meditation, and yoga are medicine, find middle-aged women in a rich country. They just don't mention it to their doctors, even though physicians ask what else they are doing or taking, including things like supplements. read...

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Survey Results Show That For Many, Vaping Was A Fad And Not An Addiction

Vaping devices, e.g. the unfortunately named e-cigarettes, were a valuable tool for smoking cessation and harm reduction, with better results in ending smoking that nicotine patches and gums.Then suddenly they were everywhere, a market so large that a tobacco company whose primary business was cigarettes spent billions for a small stake in Juul, which had become the leader in vaping products. Now...

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Many Young Scientists Want To Publish Open Access, They Just Don’t Want To Pay For It

Few researchers would commit half of each day to science if they were doing it for free but they are no different than other occupations in believing that economic necessity is a bubble surrounding...themselves.(1)Publishing is not exempt from the double standard. Two generations ago being "peer-reviewed" in a top journal didn't mean much. Krebs, of the famous Krebs cycle, was rejected by Nature...

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By Engaging In Politicization Of Science, The Biden Administration Will Make Food Even More Expensive

In today's Washington Examiner, I detail how the Biden administration did an end-run around their own scientists - and what that will do to the price of food.  How ridiculous is the new level imposed on a popular weedkiller for America's most important crop? It is equivalent to government saying you should not be exposed to the sun for more than one second every 10 years or you will get skin...

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Fact Checking The New York Times On Senator Joe Manchin

In an increasingly polarized political climate, media has taken clear sides. No one in Manhattan confuses the skew of the New York Times with the New York Post.read more

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