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Posts made in July, 2024

Fentanyl Issue – Blaming Big Pharma Or Foreign Crime Rings Tells Us How You Vote

During last evening's Republican National Convention, speakers repeatedly invoked the fentanyl crisis and blamed lax border control and unchecked illegal immigration. Democrats, on the other hand, blame Big Pharma, and argue corporate exploitation of supply chain monitoring loopholes fueled the US opioid epidemic.They are both right. Every high-profile death related to fentanyl had it purchased...

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NASA Continues Its 15 Year Mission Of Failing At Big Science

In 2009, one of the first orders of business for self-proclaimed Scientist-In-Chief President Obama was to cancel NASA's Constellation project.He said he wanted to 'go bigger' but given the hostility of his campaign, politically agnostic people knew what it meant - he was no Nixon, he was never going to allow a program with his predecessor's name on it to get off the ground, so the Constellation...

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Just Correlation, Not Science: Ozempic ‘Leads’ To Less Dementia

If epidemiologists were held accountable for the high costs, drug shortages, and food and chemical misinformation they cause, nonsense like claiming a type 2 diabetes drug that is popular off-label for weight loss in rich people also prevent dementia would stop.Yet the reason so many "studies" by epidemiologists are being pushed onto the public now is because it is a fad. Fads, creating them or...

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Biden EPA Continues Its War On American Farmers

Ask a farmer what their most important asset is and they will tell you it's their land. Without it, nothing happens.Yet the Biden EPA has shown breathtaking hostility to American farmers, insinuating by regulation that not only do American farmers not care about their most important asset, they are systematically destroying it.It makes no sense but neither does the method EPA is using to...

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The Duck Curve: California Learns The Awful Secret About Solar Power

California mandates and subsidizes solar power, but the money for that isn't from all taxpayers, it is instead taxes and fees tacked onto the bills of people who use conventional energy - people in apartments, renters, and anyone who can't afford solar installations.Worse, solar owners, already privileged, also 'sell electricity back at the same rate they buy it', which everyone knows is...

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