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Posts made in October, 2022

The Complicated Politics Of Native American Identity

Is Senator Elizabeth Warren a Native American, as she routinely claimed she was when it helped her career? Actually, sure, in a world where anyone can identify any way they want it is logically (and increasingly legally) difficult to tell someone they can't feel like part of a group, especially if the history is limited to stories and scant archeology.(1)read...

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Obamacare Aftermath: Doctors Don’t Want To Accept It, Or Any ‘Difficult’ Patients Now

Passed in 2010, the Affordable Care Act, commonly called Obamacare, went into full force in 2014 and remains controversial for a few reasons. First is, of course, skyrocketing costs, with premiums commonly up 300% while with the mandate forcing people to buy insurance removed meant under a million people unable to get insurance are now covered but half of everyone who doesn't otherwise have...

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FDA Denies PMTA For Logic Menthol, But The Reasons Have Nothing To Do With Science

After Democrats passed the 2009 Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, and the Obama administration tightened the noose even more, the smoking cessation and harm reduction movement outside Big Pharma products has been slowly strangled.read more

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Activists Celebrate Greece Being 100% Renewable Energy – For 0.06% Of The Year

Environmentalists celebrated a huge milestone recently. An energy source they began to advocate after they successfully saddled lawsuit targets with the hydroelectric, natural gas, and biofuels they now sue to remove was able to power a whole country.Unfortunately it was only for 0.06% of the time people want electricity.That did not stop their political allies at NPR - your tax dollars at work!...

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Fact Checking Jessica Alba’s New Honest Corporate Claims

With Honest company stock down 83% in the last 18 months, co-founder Jessica Alba is making the media rounds to try and avoid a shareholder lawsuit. (1)Nothing wrong with that, she has a responsibility to make them money. Unfortunately, she is still trapped in 2012 when it comes to marketing. She thinks she can only win if she tears science down. Her appearance at the 2022 Makers Conference did...

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