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Posts made in June, 2011

Climate Science Disclosures – Freedom Of Information Or Chilling Effect?

The American Tradition Institute would like to know who, besides taxpayers, pays prominent NASA researcher James Hansen, a leading voice in climate change discussions.read...

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Revealed – The First Ad Campaign For Monkeys

In the immortal Richard Donner classic "Scrooged", the following exchange takes place between Frank, the president of the network, and his boss, Preston:Preston: Do you know how many cats there are in this country?Frank: No, ummmm...I don't have...no.Preston: Twenty-seven million. Do you know how many dogs?Frank: ...in America?Preston:  Forty-eight million. We spend four billion on pet food...

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A Neuroeconomics Argument For Gender Equality In Finance – Young Men Are Idiots

It's rare that you will find me arguing for gender quotas.   Obviously I am not for discrimination but, at least in science, mandating representation - which is discrimination against the qualified in the interests of sex organs - does not lead to better science, it leads to equality at the expense of excellence.Economics, however, is not science and some mandated equality might help....

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Progressive Head Spin – GMO Marijuana

Conservatives, who generally agree on the value of individual freedom, want the government to limit marijuana.   Progressives, who generally agree on the value of big government, don't want the government to limit marijuana.Conservatives, who generally agree on the merits of capitalism, like genetically modified organisms, as long as they aren't researched using human embryonic stem cells...

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Quantum Entanglement Without Spooky Action At A Distance?

Quantum entanglement was strange when it was conceptualized.   It violated Einstein's famous speed limit in his Theory of Relativity and he called it spukhafte Fernwirkung - “spooky action at a distance” and sought to note the flaws in Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and the Copenhagen interpretation.   The result was the Einstein–Podolsky–Rosen paradox.read...

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