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If A Weedkiller Turned You Gay, We’d Like To Interview You

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a lawyer who leveraged a name that was essentially beatified by Democrats into a lucrative career trying to promote corporate conspiracies about cell phones (cancer!), GMOs (cancer!) and vaccines(everything else!) and he had some success.Thanks to his efforts raising money for Obama his name was floated as head of EPA at the end of 2008, but even a president-elect who was...

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Losing Weight Can’t Cause Cancer But Welcome To Modern Epidemiology

As the century turned, the science community began to become critical of a once-honored field; epidemiology.  If you are not familiar with it, it is people who correlate causes to outcomes. They don't show it, they usually are not scientists, but they look for links and then if those look interesting scientists will follow up on it.This was an occupation once so conservative and...

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Gender Bias: Both Men And Women Prefer To See Women In Google Image Searches

If Google image search results overwhelmingly returned results showing men, that would be evidence that ending gender bias still has a long way to go. In the bias community, results showing women are the same thing.And the authors of a new paper say female and male gender associations are more extreme among Google Images than within text from Google News; text is slightly more focused on men than...

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The Hill Promotes A Cell Phone Conspiracy Theorist.

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The Harvard Anti-Semitism Controversy Also Revealed The Scholarship Cancer Inside Academia

University of Kentucky political science Professor Stephen Voss, who was plagiarized by Harvard President Claudine Gay, said it was no big deal. It was even expected she would use his work without attribution? He seems to think so. “It would have been quite natural for her to borrow ideas from me."He didn't tell me that personally. I instead cited the source. Like you are supposed to do. It...

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Government’s Electric Car Mandate Is So Profitable GM Is Buying Out Dealerships Who Don’t Want To Sell Them

The federal government now mandates and subsidizes electric cars. Like with similar solar panels, ethanol, and compact fluorescent light bulb schemes, science shows it isn't helping anything except the companies getting taxpayer money.With government providing corporate welfare, companies can cut lower-profit lines, including of electric cars, and focus on the fattest margins. Government funding...

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